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Ryanair is considered to be the largest low fares airline in Europe. They have over 800 low fare routes across 26 different countries, so this gives you an indication as to the scale of this employer. Despite being a low budget airline, they are anything but budgeted when it comes to their staff. With real incentives and genuine opportunities for career progression, staff at Ryanair are valued for the hard work they do in helping to run one of the most successful budget airlines in the world. With over 6,000 people working for them, millions of passengers each year put their trust in Ryanair to make their flight a hassle-free affordable ride. From pilot jobs to cabin crew roles, every job at Ryanair places paramount importance on customer service and staff are expected to be courteous, professional and helpful at all times. After all, working in any area at an airline company is naturally going to require some stamina and determination providing a service to customers and the customer is paying with the expectation of having an easy, comfortable journey to their destination of choice. In this fast-moving and busy environment there won’t be time to stress over issues, and you have to move forward with the goal of making someone’s day very happy. In fact, this is the most key objective of all airline staff. There are regular recruitment drives at Ryanair and even the opportunity to attend an open day detailing the job of your choice. This is a great idea for those who like the sound of working for an airline but still have some reservations about what exactly the job may entail. At a Ryanair open day, you can talk to those already in the business and get their professional advice on which line of work might be best suited to your skills and experience.

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