Romeo and Juliet Parody

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Shakespeare can be fairly regarded as one very tough writer to read and understand. According to the New York Times, “The Oregon Shakespeare Festival has decided that Shakespeare’s language is too difficult for today’s audiences to understand.” (Gonchar 1) This Statement to an extent is true solely because Shakespearean writing can either be exciting or boring depending on the way it is taught to you . In my own opinion , Shakespeare’s work is what, you- as a reader, make of it .

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Throughout the course of the year , We (as students) have been given the gracious opportunity to be taught Shakespeare in a way that , in my own opinion, has been the best way ever taught to me. From the very first day, I knew that this class was going to expose me to Shakespeare (or Shakesy as we could call him) in way that I had never known . Along with our amazing professor , Mrs. Coon , we read , analyzed , and deciphered the true meaning of Shakespeare’s puzzle of a play , Romeo and Juliet . From understanding how the play goes farther than just love , to how to most minute characters had the largest impact and influence to the tragic death that overcame “the two star crossed lovers” (prologue) ,we truly engulfed ourselves into understanding this difficult play in a much deeper way.

It’s been an amazing journey and I truly feel that we’ve been challenged every step of the way to step out of our comfort zone, but the largest challenge we’ve been given has been to modernize the infamous play in our own way. Throughout the last couple years , many movies or shows have been made that parodize or modernize a few of Shakespeare’s plays. A few examples of these would include Sons of Anarchy (portraying Hamlet) or Romeo + Juliet (obvious) . In order to really test our ability and understanding of the entire play, we’ve been challenged by Mrs. Coon to create a parody of Romeo and Juliet , containing the same characters , with a different setting and any outcome. Our choice in a parody consisted of modernizing the play in a giant favorite amongst adults, the infamous Jersey Shore. It was truly a hectic ride , but in order to show that we fully and truly understood the play , this is how we executed our parody.

To begin , I feel as though we need to give a sort of synopsis or summary as to what show we were using in order to interpret the play as a parody. As already stated we decided to use the famous and entertaining reality show , Jersey Shore. According to IMdb ,” Jersey Shore is a reality-based look at the vapid lives of several New Jersey 20-somethings and their respective friends and/or hook-ups” The show throughout its many seasons contains a multitude of characters but we decided to focus on only a select few.

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