Romeo and Juliet Analysis

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Romeo and Juliet is one of the plays that has been extensively watched and reenacted across the world. Perhaps it is one of the most adored plays fall time, and much of the attention that the play has received is linked to the impact that it has had on the lives of many audiences. It is imperative that an analysis of this plays evaluates the various elements that influence the relevance of the play in the lives of these audiences.

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The most vital aspects of the play have a critical role in promoting its usefulness, and as such, it is essential that all these significant elements are evaluated for their roles in the play. Every literary analysis must stand guided by the understanding of the various aspects of the play and the overall impact that they have on the audiences. These elements have been integral in the appreciation of the art behind the play.
Romeo and Juliet is a play that captures the love between two young lovers b the same name.

The play revolves around the struggles as each character seems to be fighting against the odds in their love life. The implication is that this play is a tragic romance and all reenactments of the play have sought to bring out the challenge of love amidst troubles and the sad ending that the characters face in their lives. The play follows the deathlike coma that Juliet puts herself in, and while believing that his Juliet is dead, Romeo also looks for the poison to kills himself. His last moments seem him kills Paris who had mistaken Romeo to be a vandal before Romeo swallows the poison, he dies and almost after, Juliet awakens, and when she realizes that her Romeo is dead, she stabs herself with the aim of uniting with him in death. The story is a depiction of the tragic ending of love between two individuals with such strong feelings for each other.

The play is one of the best representations of the work by Shakespeare who focused on telling the love story through the various approaches that involved tragic romance. Multiple aspects of the play are considered as contributing elements to the beauty and appreciation of the play. Costumes are among the outwards elements that are evident in the play. Ford (164) notes that the implication of the costumes in the play is aimed at communicating given aspects of the play that are essential in promoting the appreciation of the play. The argument on the costumes has often been the need to use costumes to highlight the timing of a play. This play is set in the Elizabethan period, and as such, the costumes must reflect the period in which the play was written.

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