Romanticism In Frederick Douglass Work

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Living as a slave under Mr. Coveyr’s authority, Frederick Douglass was horribly treated and receiving floggings at times. After having taken up the mistreatment for six months, he decided it was enough where he decided to approach the master to get protection.

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However, his master could not believe him and as a result, Frederick got no help. The fights between him and Covey as he states rekindled the few expiring embers of freedom.” With great significance to his pursuit for freedom, the statement points to the great desire to taste freedom and metamorphosis from “a slave to a man.”

While his early history is not clear, Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey was born in 1817 to a lineage of slaves who worked in a plantation in Tuckahoe, Maryland. He is known to have lived with his grandmother up to the age of eight when he was taken to Baltimore. It was when he was in Baltimore that his masterr’s wife, Hugh Auld taught him how to read which was against the law. The need to have slaves remain illiterate was seen as a means of furthering the slavery agenda among the slaveholders. To improve himself, Frederick gathered material and taught himself what he thought was necessary. With the increase in knowledge, he resented slavery and started developing escape means and managed his escape by disguising as a sailor in 1838 leaving for New Bedford in Massachusetts. It is some of these experiences that in a figure of speech describes as “I suppose I looked like a man who had escaped a den of wild beasts and barely escaped them.”

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