Romanticism And Its Culture

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Romanticism and Its Culture

Out of all of the topics we had to choose from for our first first Special Investigation assignment, I thought that Romanticism and Its Culture was probably the most interesting to research. When you break it down, it can come down to many different aspects. Romanticism and its culture was culturally best represented in the time from from roughly 1800 to 1850. To really understand what is Romanticism and Culture, it can be broken down into many different ways. According to, they suggested a list of information that I found helpful to really understand what all was going on. Characteristics of the Romanticism Period were thought to have been represented by individuality/democracy/personal freedom, spiritual/supernatural elements, nature as a teacher, interest in past history/ancient greek and roman elements, celebration of the simple life, interest in the rustic/pastoral life, interest in folk, and so on and so forth. (Ashley 1)

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A couple other specific ideas to dive into hat are interpreted during the Romantic Period also included the generalization of nature, myth, emotion, symbols, and ideas about the self and individualism ( In this paper, Id specifically like the point out and talk about the Brothers Grimm Private library to try and highlight the Romantic period and its culture throughout this time. I may be a little biased, but I truly enjoy these stories and I feel as though they really bring evidence to what the time period really was and what it brought to the table. The fact that these stories are also read and valued so highly today speaks volumes in itself.

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