Role of NSPCC in School Crisis Intervention

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The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children is a program that lobbies governments on child welfare issues. It as well creates a campaign with the aim of publicizing child protection issues. It helps school children, teenagers, and families.

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The NSPCC gathers in-depth information on children and their families (Finkelhor 2009). The purpose of this information is to be able to identify a child’s needs and know whether those needs are met. Gathered information also enables the experts in the NSPCC to analyze the nature of a child’s risks, and establish the level of risk that the child is exposed to. With the information, the NSPCC can make informed decisions on whether or not to support a child’s family and to come up with measures to eliminate the problem, especially if the family is the cause of the problem(Finkelhor 2009).

NSPCC plays a significant role in safeguarding children in school. The practitioners in the program help children understand healthy and safe relationships. They also encourage children to speak out their problems with trusted friends, teachers or counselors. NSPCC also trains school staff and equips them with skills to tell or spot a disturbed child(Finkelhor 2009). Teachers and other school staff are trained so that they can be able to detect signs of abuse in children. As they visit schools, they help children understand and recognize all forms of child abuse both at home and school. They also teach children to know how to protect themselves from these forms of violence and abuse. Children are also encouraged to call for help, ask for guidance and notify NSPCC through child line services whenever they are troubled.

To be able to intervene in a child’s crisis, the social workers, who are members of NSPCC, assess the crisis. During this assessment, they get to know the child’s needs and also to determine whether the needs are met at the family level or not. They also analyze the nature of the risk, and how big the risk is. After identifying and establishing the level of the threat, they come up with crisis intervention measures. Social workers will use the crisis intervention theory to intervene(Bryman 2016).

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