Role Of Lean And Green Supply Chain Business Essay

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Abstract: Lean and Green supply chain plays a key role in small scale industries. This paper tries to gather the information as to how much this concept is known in these industries. This is done by conducting a brief study and then formulating a short survey.

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This survey was conducted through telephonic chat and the questions were asked to the employers of the industries. Later the responses of the participants were analyzed and compiled. Through this survey the awareness of the concept of Lean and Green supply chain is expected to widen within these industries. Keywords: small scale industries, Lean supply chain, Green supply chain.


The small scale industries in India play a vital role in the Indian economy. The growth of small scale industries (SSI) in India is huge in recent years. The small scale industries in India creates a largest employment opportunities for the Indian populace, next only to agriculture. It has been estimated that a hundred thousand rupees of investment in fixed assets in small scale sector generates employment for four persons. The small scale industries contribute 40% of gross manufacture to the Indian economy. In spite of this small scale industries play a major role in India’s present export performance. 45%-50% of the Indian export is being contributed by small scale industries sector. There are three major types of small scale industries which have more revenues; they are food product industries, garment manufacturing industries and metal industries. The focus of this paper is how these industries uses or ignores the Lean and Green supply chain concept.

Research methodology and purpose

The purpose of this paper was to get a better understanding of the term “Lean and Green supply chain” and its role in the small scale industries in India. A literature review was written on the basis of valid approach to the concept by studying several journals and articles. The overview was written on summarizing the concepts of Lean with sating the fourteen principles from Toyota way; similarly the concept of Green supply chain is abstracted from several works of others and concluded. After which a survey questions were generated and sent to the entrepreneurs of three different types of small scale industries. The survey was conducted through a telephonic chat. After the discussions, an overall collective response was generated for each of the individual question in the survey. The survey was initially conducted on three different dimensions of small scale industries. They are the food product industry, garment manufacturing industry and car accessories manufacturing industry. All of them took part in the survey and described their companies view on the concept of Lean and Green supply chain. There were different reasons for choosing India for conducting this survey.

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