Role Of Hrm And The Problems Business Essay

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In this proposal I will try my utmost to give a brief introduction of my intended research, along with its keys elements, structure and complete design. I have decided to broaden my research on Human Resource Management, in a particularly targeted area. The importance of the Recruitment and Selection Process which is very vital for any organization’s success and a failure in this area might lead up to poor job performance in the future.

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This project is about to identify to get to an appropriate resolution of the Problems faced by HR Managers when going through the process of Recruitment and Selection. I have focused on the particular problem for instance, to determine the need for the vacancy, job description, and person specification, selection of right means of advertising, a proper wholesome procedure to follow for instance the reliability and validity. In order to look into the problems faced by HR Managers, I would as for the first step, will try to address/ define HR, the role of the H R manager and the whole process of recruitment and selection, will also use different methodology like work sample, graphology, assessment centres, face -to-face interviews. Define the problems with current recruitment and selection and how and in what way they effect on the organisations and their efficiency and productivity. I would present the best solutions like use of performance based and competency based approaches for the determination of a criteria to provide with best results for recruitment and selection. Afterwards I will delve in more depth with more insight; in particular i would address and highlight the problems and issues related to the selection and recruitment.


Human Resource Management is not entirely a new field/branch of study in any way, it might not have been called so but in fact it has played its role quiet importantly with its essential elements in all forms and shapes. but as we see that now it has been given and gaining more importance around the globe. In the past few decades the organisations has realised the importance of learning new methods to enhance the efficiency of their employees, on an individual level and as well as on a whole or a group. By adopting new techniques and methods they recruiters have made a remarkable results so far which not only enhanced their skills and capabilities to pick the right people for right jobs but also gave a boost to make the organization ns more efficient and productive for which they have been assigned the task of recruitment .Overall objective of my thesis is to highlight the significance and challenges faced by the HR managers by addressing a few main questions in general.

Justification for the Project (why)

Human Resource Management is an exclusively important function of any business or organisation irrespective of their corporate nature or strategies.

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