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The Constitution of India is a Role Model for The World

The ancient India burden has a republic system here the Republic of Malva and Lichivi existed. At that time the councils and committees were working with local citizens like today’s local governments. It is our reputation for bringing our loose India into communal form and making it again a secular republic state. The leaders and the constitution are credited to the creators. The concepts of the republic are democratic values and it is the source of the Constitution to make […]

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Role Models in To Kill a Mockingbird

Young people always need someone to look up to, whether it is to become something great like their idol or have an evil turn on it. In Harper Lees novel To Kill a Mockingbird, the protagonist Jean Louise, also called Scout, sees the full truth of the people in her community. Growing up around the injustices reveals the implicit corrupt souls of the people she is surrounded by. Some in the novel seek to invoke for a teaching to go […]

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Celebrities and Their Responsibility as Role Models

To start off, fame, wealth, glory, and stardom never comes by itself. There is a tremendous burden that is brought upon by idiosyncrasy and a watchful attitude. Those responsible for promoting these negative trends are the people who fail to live up to these standards of a role model; they fail to set a good example for their followers. I believe that it is important to acknowledge the fact that these celebrities bear an immense amount of responsibilities to set […]

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Role Model and The Presidential Election

In 2016 the presidential election was an important time. It was going to be the next step in our future. Donald Trump the republican party, and Hillary Clinton the democratic party were racing together to fight for the title of President. On January 12, 2017 Donald Trump became the new President of the United States. President trump is perceived in many different ways, In the news article Trump Fast Facts It states that on October 9th, 2016 during the second […]

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Anne Bradstreet A Role Model For Puritan Women

In 1650, Anne Bradstreet started publishing poems which left her to be the first women in British North America to write and publish poetry.. She started writing poems because she wanted to please her father. He wanted her to have a better education than other women. However, that became the start of something that was going to stay in history. She started just to please but eventually it ended up as an inspiration to other women and poets that followed […]

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Who Should Be A Role Model

Role models play a huge role in a young persons life. They serve as an example in society for children and young people to follow. A role model has the ability to shape their views, beliefs, and passions. Kids will use this influence to form how they will behave and act in the future. A hero who demonstrates good qualities will have a positive effect on the future generations where a bad role model can have a disastrous effect. Children […]

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Are Professional Athletes Role Models

Are athletes role models? That’s the big question that a lot of people try to answer. Athletes do a lot of extraordinary things in their sport. High flying dunks, coast to coast rushes down the ice for a spectacular goal, and amazing bending free kicks from 40 yards out. This can be why they are idols to a lot of kids. Kids idolize Lebron James because of what he can do on the court. Though he can also be a […]

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About My Inspiration

People that inspire us gives us the ambition to live, to help us succeed, to strive for greatness and teach us integrity. My mother is my inspiration, she is the embodiment of everything I aspire to be.. sacrifice, courage, and perseverance and her tender and beauty upon inside her. The love inside her inspires me to love others, help others to bring happiness. My inspiration, grew up poor she knew humility, it gave her courage. Her bones tell the story […]

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Do We Need Adults As Role Models

Children from ages 6-12 have just crashed into an unknown island and with no adult supervision, things are not off to a very good start. A plane carrying English boys was shot down just over the ocean, unfortunately not everyone in the plane survived and with the pilot nowhere to be seen the children become desperate and scatter an throughout the island. Having adults as role models can affect the way one acts, speaks, dresses etc, as explained by William […]

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How To Be a Good Role Model

Having a sibling, especially a smaller one, is not easy. My sister was almost 7 years younger than me, which should mean that we had different interests and different things we liked to do. In my friend group, I was the last to receive a sibling, so Id heard all the stories. How annoying a sibling is, how siblings often fought, how my friends little brother or sister destroyed something of his. Maybe since I was so much older, and […]

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