Rogerian Argument: Misperception on Growth

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The ongoing use of technology and other advancements in the classroom allow students to have quick access to information, grasp onto things using their own learning style and develop long term vital skills. On the other hand, many students and teachers are sometimes prone to distractions and change in the social dynamic thus the debate for whether technology does more harm than good in the classroom continues. Despite this, they both share a common ground in their motives: to create a learning environment in which students can perform their best.

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Overall, although technology may provide students different benefits, if it is not used correctly or with the right mindset, it can hinder the education system.

Using different gadgets and technology advancements in the classrooms help create an interactive environment in which students are more involved (Armstrong 41). While learning different skills such as collaborative learning, ways to navigate the online world, and the use of different online applications students begin to apply them into the “real world”. Technology will continue to be engraved into student’s daily life’s even after high school. Students are given many advantages when given the opportunity to learn and poses a vital skill for their life outside of kindergarten through twelfth grade. Furthermore, students are being taught how to work together and communicate online ,research thorough the use of technology. There are thousands of online devices in which students can use to thrive and incorporate their different learning styles into it. Teachers can also use technology to help incorporate different teaching styles into their curriculum.

With the exposure to different advancements, students are more prone to collaborate on different tasks. School board journalist, Allice Armstrong, states that “Utilizing tablets, smartphones, and whiteboards to encourage students to explore the Internet as a legitimate resource and to collaborate with other students or teachers can engage their students in ways that lectures and textbooks do not”(41). In the 21 st century students are using technology to research , find resources, and collaborate with others. Teachers also use technology to grade assignments, incorporate different teaching styles (with the use of online sites), and document data regarding student progress. While this is helpful, students and teachers can also do this without the use of technology.

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