Rogerian Argument Example: Mental Health

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Imagine having someone close to you a family member or loved one. You tell yourself you know them better than anyone else. Next thing you know one day they just suddenly take their own life out of nowhere. In reality, you didn’t know anything about them and what they were thinking. People like this are not getting the help they need. Mental health is an issue that impacts millions of Americans directly or indirectly.

Back in the 5th century, many cultures have viewed mental illness as a form of religious or demonic possession. In the 1840s, activist Dorothea Dix influenced for better living conditions for the mentally ill after witnessing the dangerous and unhealthy conditions in which many patients lived. Over a 40-year period, Dix successfully persuaded the U.S. government the building of 32 state psychiatric hospitals. Back in 1946 president, Harry Truman passed the National Mental Health Act, which created the National Institute of Mental Health and allocated government funds to mental health research.

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The United States put a bigger focus on physical health than mental health. Which I understand there are terminal illnesses out there like, cancer or heart disease. Like for example, in 2018 an estimated 1,735,350 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and 609,640 people will die from the disease. The government also stigmatizes mental Illness as the cause of violent acts which I understand also. There have been school shootings across the country. For example, the shooting that happened in Parkland, Florida in February of 2018.

I can understand why people support physical health more than mental health, people tend to worry about the stuff they tend to so first hand. People don’t tend to take their time in the day to put concerns on stuff we can’t see, like the functioning of the brain. I understand not everyone is going to educate themselves about something they can’t see. When you go see a doctor for an annual checkup,

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