Robert Smalls

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Robert Smalls was an African American politician who was born in the year 1839. He was natured in slavery in a bungalow at the adjacency of his master Henry McKee’s household in Beaufort on Prince street, South California. His parentage fatherhood was not known but it was alleged to be Henry McKee.

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He grew up in the metropolitan under the inspiration of the Lowcountry Gullah culture of his mother Lydia Polite was also an incarcerated of the McKee’s. His mother was serving in Master Henry McKee’s territory as a house help under slavery where it is assumed that they felt in love with the master and conceived which later led to the viability of Smalls but there was no clear information about the tale.

At his teenage age, probably 12, Robert Smalls was sent to Charleston as a laborer where all the wages and remuneration from the labor was paid to his master who was allegedly his father. His chores were to work in a hotel as a service man and thereafter, worked as a lamplighter in the streets of Charleston almost throughout his youthful stage. Furthermore, he had passion and love over the sea in the Charleston which eventually made him to secure work on the Charleston docks and wharves as a stevedore, sail maker, and eventually become a wheelman in the sea regardless of the dishonor the slaves where accorded despite the titles he had in the sea harbor. He humbled himself throughout the chores he was running in the sea shore that saw him the most knowledgeable pilot across the Charleston harbor.

At his mid teenage when he was 17 years, he proposed to Hannah Jones for marriage. Jones was also one of the incarcerated hotel maid in Charleston in the year 1856. Hannah was older than him by 5years and had had two daughters of her own before bearing another two children with Robert Smalls to whom one passed on at the age of two. Robert Smalls showed his tribute to the master by continuing serving as a slave in his own father’s territory for that substantial period of time.

It was at this juncture, April 1861 that America woke up into a Civil War which began with a battle of Fort Sumter near Charleston Harbor. At the tumble of the civil war, Smalls was given the responsibility to bullock the Planter that was affiliated with armed troops. He was mandated to deliver reports, throngs and supplies, to inspect the sea ways and finally to lay mines. Smalls however coxswained the Flowerpot throughout the port of Charleston and further onto the extended rivers along California, to the coastlines of Florida. In the Charleston waterfront, Robert Smalls and the Planter’s team were able to cross-check the slant of the Federal obstruction ships in the outer anchorage over 6 miles far away from the Charleston seaport.

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