Roads and Travel Authority – Dubai (HR Performance Compensation)

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Roads and Travel Authority – Dubai ( HR Performance Compensation) Aspirant: I am a Management student who is currently in the final year of my course. As a course specialization I have chosen the stream of the HR. This is a stream that is of special importance to me since the HR is a gamut that deals with the human resources or the human manpower of the company.

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This is an element that happens to be quite crucial for the success of the company. Once again the human resource of the company is again elements that have their own brains and issues related to them could be very sensitive. Hence handling comes with special challenges that will be making the job profile all the more challenging and interesting. With the same I would invite you all to my investigation into the facet of performance compensation that is genre of special importance in the career and responsibility scope of a HR. Introduction: Within the regime of the business and the corporate studies one must have come across the concept and the idea stating quite often that – Any company is as good as its employees. This is a much propagated and discussed idea and again contributes to the basic foundation on which rests several thriving commercial empires. This is the concept that doe elucidate the importance of the employees and the roles and the significance of the human resource and the manpower strength that is working in any business organization and is responsible for the success or the failure of the business in the market. Hence in the light of the same it could be said that the manpower resource of any company happens to be as vital as its other categories of resources such as the company’s financial resources and its machinery and other It supports and setups. In fact the manpower or the human resource happens to be the main pillar that determines the market competitiveness of any company. In this context it could be further illustrated that ever happens to have a separate department which is completely and uniquely dedicated to the maintenance of the gamut of the manpower resources of the company. This department is known as the Hr department or the Human resource department and has specially skilled and qualified employees and personals who are responsible for maintaining the steady stream of inflow of talents and maintenance of the same within the company, so that the employees could put a better grade of performance in their own, individual and the collected interest of the company as a whole. The HR is such a department that deals only with the problem of manpower. Right from the initial step of bringing in an employees within the company system,

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