Rite of Passage and Social Roles

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Growing up, I considered graduating from college to be a huge step in one’s life. I always looked forward to my graduation, and that has been a motivation for me to work hard in school. I recently graduated from college, and I believe the event was life-changing for me.

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Graduation helped me view myself as a winner since I had managed to go through school and completed despite the challenges that I encountered along the way. Graduating also helped me realize that I am a go-getter thus I can manage to anything I set my mind up to. Those around me, especially my friends and family were very supportive all through my education, and they congratulated me for achieving the degree. My family believed that the fact that I managed to graduate college means that I can also manage to further my studies. That was a great encouragement since it helped me realize that they believe in me and they also trust that I can even manage to do better.

        Graduation comes with new roles. That is because this passage rite shows that one is fully ready to get into their career and start looking for work. I have always believed in being independent and graduating has been pushing me to move out of my parents, home and start living on my own. Of late I have had that huge urge to start living on my own since I believe that I am an adult now. My parents, however, believe that I should not rush anything.

        I believe that graduating creates some responsibilities. One of them is that I have to take life with a lot of seriousness. I believe this is the time when I am supposed to figure out my life. Another responsibility involves making sober and good decisions. That is because I have to ensure that I make the right decisions from now onwards. One of the responsibilities that is often overlooked in being an excellent example in the society.

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