Rite Of Passage Among The Ga’anda And American Society

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Rite of passage among Ga’anda and the United State share similar sacrifices but differ in their significance to each culture. Ga’anda and the United States recognize the importance of cultural rituals in aiding their young children in their transition to adulthood. Both cultures commence their coming to age rituals at a young age for example, in Ga’anda, girls begin their initiation ordeal at the age of six while in the United States their transition begin from the age of five years old as they embark in their education.

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In both cultures, their transition to adulthood require commitment, time, and undergoing some form of pain.

As mentioned earlier, the culture of Ga’anda regard pain to be necessary for the transition to adulthood as it prepares the young for responsibilities and hardships that are part of their upcoming status as adults. Their commitment to their society is shown by enduring physical and psychological pain extensively for well over a decade. Similarly, young children in the United States undergo psychological pain such as stress throughout their academic life and their commitment is demonstrated through their perseverance in completing their college education. As their transition comes to an end, both cultures celebrate their commitment in a ceremonial process that contain certain rituals such as specific dress and activities.

For examples, in Ga’anda, the community held Yowo for girls who completed Hleeta. In this ceremony, the girls wear a traditional garment called takerkert that closely resembles a woven cloth apron in western culture. In the United States, graduation ceremonies also consist of wearing traditional dress known as cap and gowns and turning their cap tassels as symbol of transition to professionals.

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