Risk Management – Individual Research Report

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Risk management Task One – Individual research report Introduction Risk management is a identification process of upcoming threats and danger to an organisation. In an organisation risk can enter through many ways, it can come from project failure, financial market, an accident in organisation such as flood, earthquake, cyclone, power failure, public health and safety and legal risk etc. Risk can be low to medium, or medium to high. It is difficult to say that an organisation can solve all the upcoming risks to the organisation like earthquake, we can just assume that earthquake can damage the business, but we cannot say how much, but there are some alternatives of upcoming threats like in power failure we can use generator to keep running the business. 1 Purpose of risk management within an enterprise-The purpose of risk management in an organisation to identify problems before they enter and create problems in the organisation, so that risk management handling process may be planed. It is a continuous looking ahead process so it is an important part of a business. Early detection of risk is important because it is easier, not much expensive, and changes can made easily in the planned process. It is easy to maintain a strategy and solve the risks when they are in early stage. A successful manager can monitor risks before they create problems in a business. The lack of information can is dangerous in a business so the staff of the organisation should be well training so that they can assume the risk when it is in early stage and report to the management as soon as possible. 2 Benefits of risk management within an enterprise-An effective risk management program can help the organisations to manage their risks and maximise success opportunities .There are too many benefits of risk management to an organisation, like less time consuming, less costly, less labour. The managers of an organisation should train the staff that they can discuss the risks with the management when it is in early stage. Communication is a beneficial way for an organisation it helps to understand the most important risk areas. Staff can provide information in written or discuss with the management. So it can be early identification for the management and an alert to the management about the upcoming threats. The potential risk management benefits are ; supporting business planning, use of resources in effective ways, continuous improvement in the business, fewer dangers and threats, increase of new opportunities, increasing communication between staff and management, helps and focus internal audit programme etc. 3 A Reviewing of activities and internal environment-By reviewing the internal environment of a organisation we can assume that how we can identify the risks and found risk in the organisation is acceptable or unacceptable, if it is unacceptable then how can we manage that risk to avoid an upcoming danger or threat. It can be found by an audit committee or by a group.

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