R/Hr vs H/Hr Essay

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I have been of the firm belief that Ron and Hermione are going to be a romantic couple in the Harry Potter series, and Harry and Hermione are most decidedly NOT going to be a romantic couple. Though I could wax on about how likely they are because of how they are compatible, the evidence in the books etc. I am going to instead use the words of someone I trust to know just who will end up with whom: The Author herself, JK Rowling. – “I can’t believe that some of you haven’t worked this one out yet. ”— When addressing the question ‘Does Hermione love Ron or Harry’ she replied, ‘I can’t believe that some of you haven’t worked this one out yet. This statement from our beloved JKR points out something. Know what it is? *stage whisper* it’s not exactly a secret… It’s not some unfathomable mystery. It’s not something hard to figure out. It’s quite simple. She is baffled that it’s up for debate. That having been said, here are the quotes I find significant: “Do Harry and Hermione have a date? ” No! They’re, they’re very platonic friends. But I won’t answer for anyone else, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Because this quote was given to us on MPR radio on Nov. 20th 1999, many wish to believe that this ONLY refers to her (then) upcoming novel Goblet of Fire. GoF was published July 8th of 2000. ) Considering that she stated very clearly when she was referring to something that only applied to GOF in this interview, and the rest of the time was talking about the series as a whole (*1) there is no authentic reason to believe this quote only referred to GOF other than desperately wanting it to. (I have yet to see anyone cite any kind of actual evidence that this quote only referred to GoF other than the possibility that it could. ) (If anyone has evidence, please do post it. ) She also infers that there is someone else who WILL have a date with Hermione and WILL NOT BE ‘very platonic friends’ with her. — The phrase ‘nudge, nudge, wink, wink’ traditionally can be translated ‘ya know what I mean? ’ When someone says this, it means you already have the info, and should know that the person is hinting at something specifically. In this case the ‘nudge, nudge, wink, wink’ implies that we should already know who that other person is. — The thing is, as this is before GOF came out she couldn’t be hinting at Krum, as we hadn’t been introduced to him yet. Who was that ‘nudge, nudge’ referring to? Who was that ‘anyone else’ she ‘[wouldn’t] answer for? ’ Well, who else is Hermione friends with? Let’s see… She seems to talk with Neville occasionally. And Hagrid… She’s talked to Ginny… OH! WAIT A MOMENT! RON! Yes… yes, she does happen to be very good friends with Ron Weasley. Perhaps he is the ever elusive ‘anyone else’ that she won’t speak for.

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