Rhetorical Analysis Of Immigration Issue

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Deciding who is legitimate: News media farming of immigrants and refugees international journal of communication 11(2017)

Canada has always been viewed in support immigrants and refugees owing to its relatively high immigration levels and comparatively favorable public opinion. According to International journal of communication 11(2017) Deciding who’s legitimate: News Media Farming of Immigrants or Refugees , it is argued that Canadian support is uneven because they differentiate between economic immigrants and those who arrive on humanitarian grounds. This is also supported by an automated content analysis of Canadian print media coverage over a 10 year period ; an approach that allows a wide discourse capture and find distinctions between farming of immigrants and refugees .Here, immigrants are portrayed in economic terms, and whereas much focus is channeled towards the validity of refugee claims, potential security threats and the extent to which immigrants and refugees take advantage of social programs .Besides, more focus is given to the national rights of immigrants and refugees and that farming is viewed to be negative .

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The analysis here is sharply focused on illustration of the discursive distinctions that are drawn between immigrants and refugees coupled with their preferential hierarchy for the former over the latter.

The authors of the Deciding who is legitimate: Media farming of immigrants or refugees believes that there is strong support and consistency for immigration in Canada as opposed to public opinion towards refugees which is more variable as their main voice concern over legitimacy of refugee claims and public discourse around refugees often link the refugees to security threats and abuse of social programs .The media have also been found to disproportionately channel much of its focus attention on the economic impacts of migration, the use of social services by migrants, multiculturalism considerations and especially since 9/11 and migrants as security threats .This media framing on migration is of great influence to public opinion due to its creation of interpretations of the immigration system example they can either portray it to be too lenient or not accommodating enough ;cue specific considerations like security, legitimacy or need.

In order to address these limitations , the authors in the article have attempted to provide a longitudinal comparison with regards to media’s framing of immigrants and refugees. This, has been demonstrated in the article by use of a detailed content analysis for examination of local and national print media framing of immigrants and refugees from 2005 to 2014.The local analysis coverage two targets of Canadians largest refugee receiving cities : Toronto and Vancouver analyses examination on whether print media coverage of refugees and by extension public discourse has become more negative in the past ten years .Secondly,

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