Rhetorical Analysis I Have A Dream Speech 

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Rhetorical Analysis I Have A Dream Speech 

On August 28th, 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. gave out a speech to the people that was called I Have A Dream. King’s speech was one to remember during the Civil Rights Movement.

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The speech has gone down as one of the most significant in history and is a great example for many other orators and politicians today. King’s speech is still recognized as a form of change to this day. One of his great skills was the ability to create a great bond with his audience. He had a dream to change the way the world looks at each other, he started off his speech with I am happy to join with you today, thus is Kings way of greeting his audience and beginning to make a connection. King balances the rhetorical appeals by showing his knowledge in his emotion, his timing towards wanting a change for our nation, and his logic of how life could be better. 

Martin Luther King Jr. was a man of his word, you would never see him say he was going to do something and not follow through. King changed the way that the world looks at each other today, thanks to him racism has been downgraded majorly. The video of his speech starts off with a song that repeats the words We shall overcome (Martin Luther King Jr.). This video starting off with this song already put a thought of emotion for hope and belief in your mind. King wanted to make a change that Abraham Lincoln tried to change when he was president.

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