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Review of Home Schooling

Today there are new options for a child to get education. Gone were the days that all children are taught in a four-walled classroom. As years go by, new
realizations and discoveries crop up with regards to the dissemination of knowledge. Educational techniques, methods, and strategies have been discovered
after experimentations, observations, and studies made by professionals in this field.

With the advanced curriculum, new inventions and innovations to education, there is a need for an alternate way to get these across to children. In
addition, the society today has evolved into producing some hindrances for a normal education; hence, parents are afraid to send their kids to a normal
school. However, there are still advantages to normal schooling, meaning getting instruction for a classroom.

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Home schooling ideas came at a time when the need for reforms and alternatives rose to cater to children who cannot attend a regular school for some
reason. Related to distance learning, home schooling has proved to be effective for some and detrimental for knowledge acquisition for some kids. As
methodologies are used for this new kind of learning, special skills for home teachers – parents – are needed to fulfil the role of the absent teacher.
Home schooling is the new trend in education that is known to be beneficial to students.

Home schooling can categorically be the same as distance learning where both processes of acquiring knowledge entails the student to be situated in their
homes, not in a school setting or classroom. In distance learning per se, students may be based in a library, outside the home, or any other places aside
from the school or classroom. Otherwise known as home education or home learning, this system is defined as the education of children in the home by
parents. History tells us that before the law on compulsory school attendance was mandated, the majority of early education happened within the family.
Those who can afford to send their kids to a special school or hire private tutors or governesses experience how other people are teaching it. However, as
years progressed up to the present most of the children are sent to school and get a formal education in either a public school or private educational

In developed and developing countries, home schooling is now an option for parents who do not want to send their children to school but would want them to
be educated using a different way away from schools. Parents have their own personal reasons for deciding such. It could be dissatisfaction with school
instructions, avoiding the chances of their kids to be bullied or hurt in school that makes parents lead their kids away from schools.

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