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Retail Consumer Behaviour and Customer Care

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Retail Consumer Behavior and Customer Care Question number. 1. Ans:- Consumer behavior is the study of individual, groups or organization and the processes they use to select, secure and dispose of products, services, experiences or ideas to satisfy needs and the impacts that these processes have on the consumer and society. consumer behavior can have for your retail business are: Despite the significant increase in consumers environmental awareness many of them have not taken their concerns into consideration in their actual consumption choices and behavior. This can be consumers selfishness which they don’t want to give up or change the way they live or associated cost and taxes. There is discrepancies between what behavior consumers think is socially and environmentally sustainable and what behavior actually is. Like many people in U.S. limit their use of spray cans as they want to minimize their contribution to the impact on the ozone layer. Their behavior is not environmentally significant because the substance that affect the ozone layer have already been banned in the U.S. long ago. Question number: 2 Consumer behaviour is a vital part for every business. Every business needs to understand the consumer behaviour if any business wants to excel or expands their business the reason behind these as follow
  1. The consumers are the ultimate users who are going to rejoice the product and services. They are able to servive in the market.
  2. It is important to understand consumer behavior because the market has become diversified and the possibilities are myriad and consumers are having multiple options. So to have edge over competitors it is important to understand consumer behavior.
  3. The utility of the consumers can be satisfied only if they are choosing the right product and it is the responsibility of business to help them choosing the right product only then they will visit them. This is the only way they the consumer will be obliged and visit that business again.
Question number :3 Consumer behavior concept in no1 shoe shop is a limited extent in light of the fact that retail execution includes administration and remarkable offerings, it is tricky to keep up magnificence about whether. It is so natural it is not possible see the offering decrease or get to be fluffy. The fruitful new retail ideas are quite often joined by exceptionally solid society and values that give vitality and course in the early years and backing the vision and its execution as the business develops.
  • The customer perception is that they reed best of the services and they want the product by which they will be benefited. On the other hand retailer make them familiar with the product and services they have .they help customers in selecting the best products
  • The key influence of customer behavior is that they have given more attention and they are treated in a way. Every retailer tries to understand customers’ needs.
  • There are many reason of change in customers behavior this happens only because of changes in consumers taste preferences and likings. Most of the time this thing mainly cause due to age factor
Question number :4 Marketers in no1 shoes company surroundings are displayed with the specific test of bypassing clashed informing, over-immersion of advertising activities, and buyer wavering and watched conduct to accomplish their goals of improving long haul brand reliability and empowering item buys.
  • The motto of every establishment is to provide best of service to their customers. For that they provide different schemes and offers to grab the interest of the customers.
  • The role of government is immense in ensuring that no consumers can be deceived. And they get right thing which they are striving for. They have made certain grievance committees for that and consumer court also there.
  • Every organisation is well aware of their rights. They pursue whose things which they are legally bound to do. So that they can excel in their business
  • The electronic environment has transformed everyone’s life as we gat to know the information on our mobile phones and in internet.the electronic media is disseminate information which provided to be a beneficial for us.
Question No.5
  • Ans:- Consumers purchasing patterns obviously differs because of different locality. Same is with our selected business of shoe store named as Number One Shoes where we recently visited in Auckland CBD. Some times there is much more difference and sometimes a lil bit. Like in small town retail shops consumers are less aware of fashion and they often buy what their family trend is or influenced by culture those type of consumer don’t follow the market trends and even don’t bother for market strategy even brands. As in Shopping malls people have so many choices so chances of entertaining regular customer is a bit low as consumer have many options and they have also try to attract them by giving offers buy three get one free e.t.c.
  • As per our recent visit to Number One Shoes 21 Elliot street AUCKLAND CBD. According to manager ANETA PAGE, Customer these days are unlike restricted as they were in 60’s. and has become price conscious more that quality conscious. 60-70 % consumer want to use not brands like Adidas, Nike but want something look like and often ask for discounts which Number One shoes is unable to provide them. As language for shopping has been changed in this era like Amazon. Facebook, E-bay, which also hampering their business more over online sites which doesn’t include GST as well.
Question No. 6
  • Ans: There are several ramification connected with this research and this analysis of various academic view points inside this field. First and foremost there is psychological connection in the middle of purchase and loyalty. Where cognitive interpretation of marketing may have influence on purchasing behavior over long term. Exploratory consumption may result from proper stimulation and more dynamic brand messaging early in the buying shoes. It is this disguise of expectation which ultimately allows marketers to attract a larger base of consumers,
  • Even in market place where there are various substitute products. In order to identify the best fit communication strategy, marketers are oftentimes forced to rely on trial and error or unsupported market research. By modelling particular behavior patterns, however, associated with exploratory buying, these firms and individuals may be able to predict consumer responses to more dynamic marketing campaigns. From rewards programs to creative branding to niche marketing, the ability to communicate to consumers, according to their personal preferences and their understandings of natural and outward items esteem is important and can support an items business sector extension over the long term. This research has demonstrated thet consumer behavior and marketing are undeniably linked, and through the understanding of the former, the latter may be more appropriately defined.
7.(A) Fundamentals value of learning: In number one shoe shop shopper conducts investigation of people , gatherings, or associations and the courses of action they use to choose, secure, and discard items, administrations, encounters, or thoughts to fulfil needs and the effects that these procedures have on the purchaser and society. It mixes components from brain research, human science, social humanities, showcasing and matters of trade and profit. It endeavours to comprehend the choice making courses of action of purchasers, both independently and in gatherings, for example, how feelings influence purchasing conduct. It considers qualities of individual purchasers, for example, demographics and behavioural variables trying to comprehend individuals' needs. It additionally tries to survey impacts on the customer from gatherings, for example, family, companions, reference gatherings, and society when all is said in done.

Importance of learning: Consumer is the most important person. The business revolves around the consumer... So, while operating as a firm, it is essential for the firm to gain the good understanding of its target market. On the off chance that we learn customer conduct the needs and needs of the Customers will be satisfied. The Study of shopper conduct helps us;

• To plan the ideal item or administration for clients.

• To figure out where the item or Service ought to be accessible that would simple for the clients to purchase.

• To figure out what cost will the clients surrender buying item or administration?

• To figure out which strategy for Promotion would be best for getting the clients to purchase an item.

• It helps in changing the conduct of the purchasers.

• To enhance execution of the association.

• To attain the authority.

Learning influences the relationship between consumer behavior and marketing activity: Marketing activities plays various crucial role in disseminating the schemes and offers.so by this the customers are going to be benefited.it will become a learning for them. More over customers are obliged if they are treated in a better way

(B) Memory: Memory plays integral role in consumer behavior. Because memory is having a relation with learning both are interconnected with each other. For Example-: If a customer visited shoe showroom and he/she is not treated properly over there and the customer is not obliged. In that case he/she will be having a bitter experience. This will become learning him/her and because of this learning he/she will vow to our self that he/she will not visit the showroom again and this will be his/her perception. Memories evolve, change and develop overtime: Memories do change with the passage of time. The reason behind this with the passage of time one’s taste, preferences and likings keeps on changing. Likewise, in childhood children love to wear sandals which makes lovely noise or sound but one’s they become younger they show more interest in wearing shoes. For an instance, young people love to wear shoes but one’s they become older they seek for that product which they find comfortable to wear it may be a shoes or a sandal or slippers.

Memory monitoring

Monitoring of memory can be done easily by assessing the customer. By doing so the retail assistant can get to know about the intention, manifesto and what the customer is thinking and what the customer is looking for. These all things can be judged by monitoring the customer. Only then the retail assistant can interpret what the customer are looking for. And then retail assistant can help the customer to choose the right product which the customer is willing to purchase. (C) Perception: Consumers always have an idea that how much they are going to spent. At first they take glimpse of the showroom they look for the product what actually they are looking for likewise if customer wants to have a formal shoes then he will decide whether he will go for a without laces or with laces shoes. Then he will have a chat with the sales assistant and the customer will tell him about the size and shape of the shoes what they are looking for. Spending Power-: It totally depends upon the consumer that how much they are willing to spend. If they seek for good quality product then definitely they will spend more. It also depends upon the usage of the product and budget of the customers. Retailer’s response-: Retailers always tries to find out the demand of customers and give them the best of services. Once they get to know the demands and needs of the customer then they should come up with alternative solution. So that they can help their customers to get rid of the problem they are indulged into. The sales assistant will suggest the best option to the customer. By which the customer will be benefited. (D)Motivation is the driving force with in individuals that impels them to action. In order to bring the study of noncontious motivation in to the consumer realm. The type of consumer motivations that are considered needs to be expanded. The motivation to engage in effortful consideration of judgement seems to be the dominant kind of goal came to know after survey in Number One Shoes Shop. To deliberately make choices about which product to buy, people have things they need to get done and pressing concerns on their mind. As We want others to like us and to want to be with. The importance of including these various motivation in this research is that the mix particular goal in place changes everything. Subliminal advertising or influence attempts more generally have a controversial and checkered past. Today most people remain concerned about possibility of being influenced by subliminal messages in advertisement of shoes. Almost all external, environmental influences on customer behavior involve stimuli and messages that are in plain view, yet customer do not realize that the influence is taking place As per survey at Number One shoes I would like to conclude that the benefits of consumer research for the individual in society would be greatly multiplied if company advertise and manufacture directly and explicitly targeted the customer motives and needs.
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