Respected Man Named Steve Jobs

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On June 11,2005 a very well known respected man named Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple, made an inspiring speech to the class of Stanford. Steve Jobs story comes a long way, he created his legacy with believing in his gut feeling. He believed that even without finishing college he could do what he knew best, which was creating newer technology.

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Steve Jobs had three main points in his speech, one being connecting the dots, the other was love and loss and lastly was death. These three points all have great meaning and have impacted all who were there as well as me after watching his speech. He focuses a lot on believing in your gut feeling which many of us don’t do, but in order to succeed we do need to believe in our dreams.

As per Steve Jobs connecting the dots is how he planned his whole life. He created his fortune without even finishing college. Steve was put up for adoption when he was born due to his mother not being able to support him on her own. Although the couple who adopted him were dropouts as well. His adopted father did not finish high school and adopted mother did not finish college. His biological mother did not want to sign the forms if they did not promise he would go to college. He did not do as promised and dropped out of college after six months, but dropped in for 18 months before he completely dropped out.

He struggled with pursuing his dreams, with many ups and downs he still kept his hopes up for the best. Jobs then decided to take a calligraphy class to learn more about his interest. With this being done he then designed the macintosh, known as the ?mac’, 10 years later which became a success. As per Harry McCracken published on Time that, the macintosh was created on January 24, 1984, which was the first the first commercially personal computer. Which is only the beginning of what Jobs has in store for the future development of technology.As per Steve Jobs he quotes, you can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. With that being said, it means that we should should trust the process and follow our dreams even with bumps on the road. We learn from our mistakes, and we should always pick ourselves up by trying even harder then we did the first time. Only you can make a decision for your life and where you end up.

Therefore pursue your dreams because life has many surprises and can open many doors to your future.
The second part of Steve’s life story is love and loss meaning do what you love even if there are difficulties,

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