Research Proposal on Mental Disorders Cases in Justice Legal System

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Cases of mental illness associated with people who are in the correctional systems have become an area of concern in our current world that is filled with all sorts of social and evil crimes. The argument on the need and concern for mentally ill people that have been promoted by the opinion that most mental illness more likely gets it while they are in the correctional facilities. It is a great challenge for a mentally ill individual to cope up well with normal.

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People who are faced with the situation of dealing with relatives who are mentally ill can explain it well. Mental illness is mostly natural in human nature; our biological makeup is a major cause of the abnormality. The most serious area that has raised the alarm and that need to be addressed is when mental illnesses are associated with our criminal justice system. The numbers of inmates’ getting mental illnesses have been adding up the day after the other our correctional systems. In the event of 1960’s that saw the discharge of psychiatric people into the society with no full mental health made the situation worse and has been the sole cause of inmates with mental illness. The individuals lack common sense and their situation prompt them to involve in a law-breaking activity that will render them into jail, thus increasing the number in our correctional as compared to our hospital where they should be.

Literature review

This study will be based on the available scholarly works which have been conducted related to the issues of mental health in inmates both adults and children in the prisons and juveniles systems. This studies focused on the increased instances of mental illnesses among inmates incarcerated in the United States prisons. These studies will help in exploring the issue of mental illness in the united state’s jails. According to Houser and Belenko, (2015)critical mental illness has been reported as the most prevalent problem in the United States justice systems leading to the rebranding of the jails and prisons as the “modern asylums.” For instance, the Los Angeles County Jail, it has been reported to be holding more mentally ill inmates than most mental health hospitals in the United States. Generally, it is estimated that 22% of inmates in the United States and 16 %of people detained in state prisons are approximate to have critical mental disorders. this prevalence adds up to 384,00 inmates with severe mental disorder in the United States in the year 2015 which is almost ten times the number of mentally ill persons in the state’s hospitals. In another study they carried out in Maryland and Michigan prisons and jails highlighted that 15 percent of the inmates had some signs and symptoms of mental illness.

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