Research Design and Methodology for Business Decision

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2. 1 INTRODUCTION OF RESEARCH REPORT: What is Research Design? Research design can be thought of as the structure of research – it is the “glue” that holds all of the elements in a research project together. There are many definitions of design, but no single definition imparts the full range of important aspects. 2. 2 BACKGROUND OF THE RESEARCH REPORT Company wants to know that quality of product is under control limits or not and they want to detect assignable causes of variation and to remove those because the following reason. . They face the difficulty in the consistency in the quality. Company keeps the eye on the ISO-9001 certification implementation, so they want to check the quality assurance. They are facing the high rework cost due to performance, features, reliability, conformance durability, serviceability of product, when they not met their standard specification. 17 SIEM/FM 2. 3 LITERATURE REVIEW Quality control According to American society for quality control, “quality is the totality of features and satisfies stated or implied needs. ”The process of monitoring specific activities to determine the compliance of their quality with relevant quality standards and identifying ways to eliminate causes of nsatisfactory performance is called quality control. Organizations lay a lot of emphasis on the concept of quality control. Most organizations design their own quality control programs to check any defects in the products or services. Statistical quality control Statistical quality control is a number of different techniques designed to evaluate quality from a conformance view. SIGNIFICANCE In our company maintain the many criteria which we can say the many significance of the statistical quality control like: 1. SQC as a competitive tool 2. SQC as a statistical control process 3. SQC as a improving quality by control charts 18 SIEM/FM OVERVIEW OF CONTROL CHARTS If analysis of the control chart indicates that the process is currently under control (i. e. is stable, with variation only coming from sources common to the process) then data from the process can be used to predict the future performance of the process. If the chart indicates that the process being monitored is not in control, analysis of the chart can help determine the sources of variation, which can then be eliminated to bring the process back into control. A control chart is a specific kind of run chart that allows significant change to be differentiated from the natural variability of the process. The control chart can be seen as part of an objective and disciplined approach that enables correct decisions regarding control of the process, including whether or not to change process control parameters. Process parameters should never be adjusted for a process that is in control, as this will result in degraded process performance. The control chart is one of the seven basic tools of quality control. CHART USAGE: If the process is in control, all points will plot within the control limits. Any observations outside the limits, or systematic patterns within, suggest the introduction of a new (and likely unanticipated) source of variation,

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