Representation of Social Justice in Arts

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Social Justice in Creative Works


In most cases, matters of social justice entail advocacy of laws that enforce similar treatment to all people. Outspoken people have expressed their views on social justice by using literature as a tool to bring into attention issues related to environment and politics. Regarding the weight of such issues in the society, Mark Hamilton Lytle writes about the story of Rachel Carson, an environmentalist who wrote The Silent Spring with the goal of addressing the use of dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) insecticides and their effects on the environment.

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Another creative work by Catherine Ming, in the form of community-based theatre, addresses the farm workers and family farmers in the Of farms and Fables. A keen review of the two sources provides a deeper insight into how the theme of social justice may be explored via an analysis of the creative and performing arts.

The Gentle Subversive: Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, and the Rise of the Environmental Movement

Mark Lytle writes about Rachael Carson forty years later after she came out strongly critiquing the corporate world of agriculture as well as the United States Department of Agriculture on the use of DDT. Although the relevant authorities assured the public that the group of pesticides posed no threat to the health of human beings, she built a strong case against the use of the chemical. She accused the agricultural experts and scientists of subjecting the nature as well as humans to chemical sprays that were toxic. Carson stated that the methods of controlling insects should not destroy human beings together with the insects.

Carson’s work came out at a time when America was dominantly a patriarchal society, which was faced by hostility from many sources. She was criticized for advocating for diseases and vermin on the planet. Others such as George Decker, an entomologist who was an economist, saw her as unqualified to bring out such remarks and the readers were neither supposed to access such information.

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