Report on Tauranga Shopping Mall

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REPORT TAURANGA SHOPPING MALL 1.Term of reference On 1st July 2012 Tauranga Shopping Centre is found the need of the customer through the order from the General Manager by the administration department. 2.An Executive Summary Tauranga shopping centre was builded in 1995 and has started this business until 2012. The Shopping mall is the most popular place that has increased customer in the last 10 years. However , The Tauranga need to develop this shopping mall by the implementation of market researches to the planning of the infrastructure of Tauranga shopping centre. The administration will survey overview both gender of customers and staffs. 3.Procedures 3.1Survey 3.1.1 Surveying 120 customers in three days to find the data. 3.1.2 Surveying all employees at the shopping mall in the one week. 3.2Interview 3.2.1 The customer and staff are interviewed. 3.2.2 The both genders of customer and staff are observed by investigator. 3.3Analysis 3.3.1 Accumulation the information that come from the surveying , observation and interview. 4.Finding 4.1 Parking area 4.1.1 During the busy time, the parking of underground is insufficiency. 4.1.2 During on rainy days, It not enough roofs either the entrance or over on the walk way 4.1.3 The parking area of ground level is dangerous for children, they can wander into the car park 4.1.4 During the busy time, there are somewhat hazardous in the parking areas. 4.1.5 In the parking areas, Trollerys are not nice and orderly. 4.1.6 There are no security guard in the car park. 4.1.7 There have space areas in front of the shopping mall. 4.1.8 It has been happen of “ near misses” to walker who are unwell position. 4.2 Location 4.2.1 Tauranga shopping mall is located in which the customer can come here on foot and in car. 4.2.2 The feedback of older customer of location is convenience but it is far away from city centre. 4.3Design 4.3.1 The gate of the centre is not welcome. 4.3.2 The structure of the centre is to become an out-moded. 4.4 Product 4.4.1 During the busy days, some of goods is not adequate for requirement of customer. 4.4.2 Baking products is very popular but The area is not suitable and support to customer. 4.5 Competition 4.5.1 The customer are deceive with giving the gift bag when they buy product over 200 dollars by competitors. 4.5.2 The project to reward the customer is promoted by competitors in the place. 4.6 Service 4.6.1 The service of the shopping mall is worse than in the past. 4.6.2 It does not have community notice board and local commercials for customer.

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