Report: Field Visit to Social Enterprise

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Contents Contents Background and History Mission and Social Needs to address Mission Social needs to address Theory of Change Business Model and Operation Customers Services/Products/Key Activities Key Resources Key Partnership Revenue Cost Structure Challenges and Solutions Output and Outcome Output Outcome Social Impact Sustainability and Future Development Sustainability Future Development Comments and Recommendation Comments Recommendations Bibliography Books Periodicals Web documents, web pages or report

Background and History

Fullness Christian Vocational Training Centre (FCVTC), the precursor of Fullness Christian Social Enterprise (FCSE), was set up in 1987.(Avantage Ventures, 2009)[1] Set up in 2007, FCSE was derived from FCVTC. It currently owns an auto service centre and two hair salons.(Avantage Ventures, 2009)[2] One of the salons is Fullness Salon. Opened in 2001 in Mongkok, it moved to beside Sai Wan Ho Youth Outreach Centre in 2004.

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Mission and Social Needs to address


For social missions, it aims at helping deviant youth reintegrate into society by Christian faith, vocational training, mentoring, counselling, and rehabilitation. (Social Ventures Hong Kong, 2010, p.13)[3] For business missions, it aims at providing customers with high-quality services, retaining sustainability in business and developing a potential for further development.

Social needs to address: deviant youth problem

In 2005, there are 3258 youths being led astray. Most of them are sentenced to prison and 293 of them are sent to vocational center.[4] (Social Sciences Research Centre, the University of Hong Kong, 2005) Although some of them find employment, many employers have reservations on hiring these people. Long term employment or professional careers are often out of reach for them.(Avantage Ventures, 2009)[5]

Theory of Change

Fullness Salon employs deviant youths as hair-stylists in order to allow them to learn a practical skill, thus increasing their chances of employment and reducing their chances of repeating offence. (紀治興、鄭敏華, 2008, p.24)[6]

Business Model and Operation


Fullness Salon has a very stable customer source. The customer base started from Christians in churches. Around 70% to 80% of the customers are Christians, who are willing to help deviant youth. By spreading through words of mouth, friends and relatives of the Christians gradually join the customer base.

Services/Products/Key Activities

Hair-stylists provide hair-cutting and other hair treatment services. They also teach and train apprentices, helping deviant youths to adapt to normal working environment. Volunteers from Christian organizations organize Christian fellowship activities for deviant youths. Board of directors focus on promotion and plan long-term business strategies for sustaining the operation.

Key Resources

  1. Money in the form of donation is important because Fullness Salon is independent from the government.
  2. Experienced stylists and technicians train apprentices to maintain staff continuity.
  3. Support from Christian organizations helps promote the salon among Christians.

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