Remembering Houston’s National Women’s Conference Forty Years Later

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Today in Texas and the entire American population are reflecting on the National Women Conference that took place some forty years ago in Huston. The meeting took four days, and it was attended by over 2000 women who had been elected as delegates. This was intended to deliver the president of the time on the subject relating to women and their social, Economic and political rights in the country. It is during this time that the controversial motions relating to the rights of minority, abortion, gay rights and equality rights.

It is in this remembrance that Texans reflect on what has been achieved as result of the Houston Conference. It is clear that out of this political Conference much has taken place in relations to women participation in social, economic and political issues of the country. Women have been able to effectively compete with men in the two major political parties. The positive achievement has been the introduction of new laws favoring women and the amendment to the existing ones to support their welfare. Women representation in all the houses has increased. It is also critically noted that discrimination against women in Texas had gone down.

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The controversial issues discussed during Huston Conference such as abortion and equal rights continue to face not Texas but also the entire nation. The matter of abortion is still contentious a significant number of Americans continue to suffer as result of discrimination in this era it was not something envisaged by the delegates during the meeting. This celebration has been a good indicator of what we have been able to achieve a result of courageous women who determinedly fought for the rights women are enjoying today.

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