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Analysis of Jesus Christ Conflicts Introduction Jesus was a Palestinian born in the 29 CE as a fulfillment of the Old Testament prophesies. His birth revolved around conquest and oppression at a time when religion formed the base of the laws and convictions.  From his birth, his life was faced two different opposing sides with much powerful classes championing his execution (Carter, 2013). From the start of mission in Galilee, Jesus started meeting oppositional challenges many questioning his clams as the son of God. During this time, religion was a strong component of the community with strict principles and laws that those who dared challenge them were punished, rejected and execution. Jesus would become a victim   always in conflict with the religious class of scribes and Pharisees ( Hauer & Young, 2012). To begin with, while in Capernaum, Jesus found himself at loggerheads with the scribes after healing a paralyzed man passed through the rooftop. Jesus on seeing the men and the faith they hard, told the paralyzed man, “Son, you sins are forgiven”. The scribes who teachers of the law were angered of Jesus claims to be forgiving sins in this they questioned Jesus legibility as a Jew and accused him of blasphemy (Mathew 9:2-8) In Mathew 9:10-13 (The Revised Standard Version Bible), Jesus was in another conflict when he requested for a dinner with Zacharias who was a tax collector. In the Jewish religious system by then, it was very unreligious to associate with sinners. Tax collectors then ware among the socially considered sinners. When Zacharias heard about Jesus, Jesus responded by allowing dinner with Zacharias. The Pharisees accused Jesus of relating with sinners (Carter, 2013). However, Jesus was quick to respond to the Pharisees by parable that the sick are the ones who need physician while those who are well do not. In this cases Jesus simply meant that sinners needed him most that n the righteous and that He came to rescue them from their evil loads In Mathew 12:1-8, Jesus was in another conflict with the Pharisees.  Jesus and his disciple were deep in hunger when they past by grain field. His disciples then plucked some of the grain heads to eat. The Pharisees did not accuse Jesus and his disciples for taking another man’s property but for doing it on a Sabbath day. Jesus did not defend his disciple that what they did was not wrong but he went to the bible to show that biblical laws itself can sometimes be set aside.

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