Religion in Candide

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Hypocrisy in Religion In this paper I will elaborate on the hypocrisy of religion from the book Candide. In this novel the author Voltaire focuses a lot on the judgmental aspects of religion and how certain people in charge are immoral to what they stand and believe in. There are many points in the novel where Voltaire makes certain comments which picks at the false virtue by certain leaders.

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Within Candie, Voltaire uses characters who actions are caused by what are told and what they believe in and sometimes that falls into bad situations for that individual which then turn into horrific moment from the church’s perspective. In the book the main character is Candide, a boy who is the protagonist, has a good heart and is also viewed as na??ve young man. He is being mentored by a man named Pangloss who teaches him that the life in which they live is the best possible life. Candide’s faith in Pangloss has kept his optimism tested. Meanwhile Pangloss on the other hand is a Philosopher and is an optimistic person but from his own life experiences it contradicts his own beliefs, but at the end of the day he still is faithful. The third character is Jacques/John- The Anabaptist who is a Dutch Anabaptist who cares a lot for Candide and Pangloss and is also willing to help anyone. The fourth, fifth and sixth person were the Franciscan friar who a thief, the Catholic Inquisitor who was supposed to be a faithful and honest to his wife but had a mistress and the last one was the Catholic priest who apparently lying to the congregation when he told them that he was celibate but was out having sex. The hypocrisy of religion can be viewed from when an earthquake had occurred, and people believed that they must sacrifice innocent lives in order to please God, but in that aspect they are disobeying God because they are killing people. But from my perspective what happens if an earthquake incident occurs rapidly does that mean you keep sacrificing innocent people to save yourself?

This book is can be view with some socialist perspectives because it has similarity of social class division meaning it shows examples on those who are classified with the terms ?wealthy and non weatlhty but in this case you are seeing this between religious groups.

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