Religion Film Analysis

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Perception is often defined as the process of how you view the world around you. Organizing, interpreting information starts out from that perception. Perception plays a big part because your reality is determined by your culture, beliefs, and life experiences. Perception also affects the way people communicate with one another. Perception also plays a crucial role in representing war conflict among society and expressing who the good and bad guys are. Religion is also somewhat the primary source in some cases.

Whether it being the good guy trying to seek justice in bringing down the bad guy, war is represented in many ways as a resolution to resolve an issue. I also think that religion paves a pathway for society which allows people to have a reason behind their action. This point has shaped people’s personal morals and perceptions as well as the laws to establish society’s fundamental ways. Many movies portray religion to interpret messages to their audiences in different ways. The entertainment industry has also played a vital role in representing religious practices and beliefs in a bad way.

Many films have spirituality and even strictly use religion as their main theme. It provides a sense of guide. Religion has its shares of promoting violence as we can see in four films. Many will argue that the cause on wars is from economic and political reasons. Separating religion out of economic and political motives can reveal so much. In these specific film’s American Sniper and Three Kings, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, and Inglorious Bastards their cultural changes can be examined through the different representations of war and shows who the good and bad guys.

In the legendary film, American Sniper, real-life experiences can express how much of an evolving country America has transformed into. The representation of war in which it is also apparent to show the good and bad guys is also classified here. Americans are often looked upon as self-centered and only concerned about their own people. They had no intentions of befriending the enemy and in this film, it is obvious as to who the enemy is. This film through the eyes of Kyle, presents more of an emotional, brave and violent aspect, while in film Three Kings it contributes more of an adventurous, rebellious, brutal and comical side.

The Gulf war which was viewed as an interesting part of modern history does reflect within these cultural changes and can be seen in these films. The two films in a way try to ignore the political stance rather than the military establishment. In John Engelhardt’s book, The End of Victory Culture he exposes the victory culture of the US propaganda by media and industries, particularly those that are targeted towards cultural growth, and victory culture’s decline from the Vietnam War to the present.

Engelhardt’s book argues that the truthful collapse was due to the decline of Americas victory culture. Foreign threats and lack of position understanding have also increased violence.

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