Will Religion and Faith be the Answer to Climate Change?

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The purpose of this paper is to examine how the major world’s religions view the environment. Specifically, it will review and discuss the various tenets of each faith and in order to discern how the tenets of each faith dictate encourage or require those that hold that faith to believe, act, or be responsible towards the environment in keeping with their faith. It will describe how each of the faiths following through or acting on their tenets and teachings.

The religions which will be examined include Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. The Christian faith will include two sub-categories for the Evangelical and Catholic faiths. There will be a cursory review of some other religions including Hinduism and Native religions.
In the end, we need to ascertain if religions or persons of different faiths can find enough commonality in their faith to provide the necessary guidance for them to work together in order to protect and conserve the environment and resources that all of humanity needs to survive.

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The main assumption for this paper is that climate change is real. One only has to look at recent news to see there is something going on with the world’s climate. Whether it is a recent climate change report issued by the United States government called the National Climate Assessment which includes input, analysis and opinions of more than three hundred scientist, or you look at real time events such as the wildfires in California as the result of a decade of severe drought, they dying Dead Sea which is drying up, as well as the river that borders between El Paso Texas and Mexico, or more people around the world wearing face masks due to the quality of air. Studies have shown that air quality can affect everything from respiration to heart health and diabetes. Some even feel it can impact the incidents of genetic defects or autism rates. It is clear; the world must make changes to protect our must necessary resources, air and water. The poisons and pollutions at humans are putting out into God’s creation are endangering those resources necessary us to survive!


According to Pew Research, eighty percent of the people in the world identify with a religion. Over fifty-four percent belong to the Christian, Muslim and Jewish faith. Fifteen percent identify with the Hindu faith, and over sixteen percent are not affiliated with any faith, and there is another fourteen percent are spread among other faiths like Buddhism and Folk or Native religions. If eighty percent have as part of their faith foundation that they should be good stewards of the environment, then it should be possible for everyone to come together and solve the climate change issue.

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