Reliable internet service

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Reliable internet service


The ultimate aim of our project is to provide the design and development for an reliable internet service application which workable on the WAP enabled wireless handheld devices like mobile phone, PDA(personal digital assistant) but mobile phone will focused mainly on this. To design a WAP application that will be usable by stock market user to receive and check related information like up-to-date stock value, stock quotes, as well as price detailed, trading status in the service directly from their mobile devices.

This project concern the developing, testing of a WAP based system for wireless handhelds devices like mobile phone to help the stock market user while on the move for instance the user can access to internet even when they travelling from geographical location to another . the idea of this application is to consider one that in principle not only delivering that data which involves in stock market updates and reliable and securely but one will be rapidly aware the user about the market changes in real time without even in the whilst in office or home, whilst we travelling, to the demand form of communication specially whilst “o the move”

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The Stock Market system will be based on WAP architecture for mobile devices. This project will demonstrate how practical and possible will it be to use a mobile internet on the mobile phone to check the stock market value for a particular company whilst on the move. The user can have access to know the current price of the stock and it latest information

At click of the button without physically present in front of the stock market office or by watching Television at the someplace. The whole project framework is aim on to

Create a WAP application which based on a server side application which could be the company to join a venture with the user’s to input the data to form a given result. And it important to aware of the modern day’s application is adapted by the user to improve their capabilities. According to the research board of project believe that the user application projects are lead to failure if it not fully obtains the user demands and requirement for particular needs. The possibly good market for such system will be investigated into further develops to refine a set of client’s requirement. there will be a good response for such an application in the market which intended on user who has invested a solid amount in bonds , shares and gilts , and these are all designed to make life easier in such a way it enable the use to make decision at particular time to sell and buy stock such time .



Stocks are considered riskier investments ,the value of a stock could at peak and drop down on the rate of the share by every time ,it completely depends on the situation of economy .for instance I am a stockholder having 500 share on a private company.

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