Reliable data transmission over wireless network

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This report specifies the wireless secured communication in an enterprise when there is increasing demand of ubiquitous multimedia data services, future wireless networks are expected to provide services with wider coverage area, reliable and higher data throughput with security. To acheive these goals, wider bandwith at higher carrier frequency above 2GHz is forseen to be needed. Since the radio propogation in these frequency band is more velnurable to non line of sight conditions and today’s wireless radio communication uses lot of bandwith, these applications tend to be very bursty, so simply provisioning bigger circuit is not adequate.

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Therefore a new approach towards the latest technology is need to be proposed. The IP-Based transport that can take advantage of statistical multiplexing to more efficiently exploit the available bandwidth, coupled with strong quality of service enforcement to ensure that the high-priority traffic gets through during the usage peak.Ubiquitous data transmission is necessary in todays world that means availability of resources anywhere, anytime.To provide All – IP service, maintaining reliability and avoiding low call blocking and dropping probability, high data rates for multimedia and data applications a standard Quality of Service (QoS) scheme is considered necessary. The advantages of wireless LAN are tremendous but the security is a major concern. Effective security solutions should be implimented in the corporation to investigate and roll – out any vulnerablity. Without physical security that can be used to protect wired networks, wireless users need to protect their networks with other tools that can provide the same level of security as wired networks. These solutions can be layered to provide the level of security required for any user or organization. Therefore a structured security infrastructure model is desired to prevent the compromise of wireless networks.


The most important fact in wireless communications is that the data is transmitted over the air and because of this security and reliability becomes an important issue.First generation (1G) and second generation (2G) mobile communication was significantly stressed on voice transmission, and during evolution the impact of internet has lead to a drammatic growth of data traffic since the desireable change in the cellular network architecture looked-for in accordance to the need of subscribers but the technology came with lots of vulnerability, keeping the doors for intruders wide opened.The reliability indicates the transmission characteristics required by an application.There are reliability classes defined, which guarantee certain maximum values for the probability of loss, duplication, mis-sequencing, and corruption of packets.


4G is a relatively new technology and it is still undergoing development whereas standards in 4G evolved from 3G such as Wimax as an extension from CDMA and LTE (Long Term Evolution) from UMTS.So most of the study is around 3G,

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