Relationship Between Humans and the Environment in Ancient Mesopotamia

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The relationship between human beings and the environment connects very well with each other because mortals were a big significant of that specific place at a certain stance in life. Humans created various kinds of resources that impacted so many empires that lived there for a long period just like the Babylonian empire. Civilization was also brought in together from the people that collaborated in the vivacity of life.

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Mortals were the reasons why there were many diverse inventions and tools that we still use in today’s modern world. The influential artifacts and language that they left behind showed us that humans weren’t just an important part of the environment, but also an enormous role of society too. Temples and pyramids were also built by different and creative hands which shows us that culture is the top primary sources to humans. From the ancient story, Gilgamesh, the king who would show nothing but cruelty with his lack of proper care towards his people somehow came through the realization that his people and his home was his most prized possession, a gift that could have never happened in his lifetime knowing that life could end up poorly for him. Citizens who lived in ancient times in Mesopotamia grew crops there ,therefore, humans could move and adapt to the agriculture life in different areas. In the story, Epic of Gilgamesh, it didn’t just indicate how people adjusted to the environment, but it also gave us comprehensive settings to make us understand that life today isn’t any different from the past.

In my opinion, the relationship in the ancient period isn’t any different from what I see here in this new generation. I say this because from what I’ve read and seen, these dictators had not changed one bit. From what I’ve gained from reading in the book on tablet 1, page 2 and lines 37 to 40, it said, Gilgamesh the tall, magnificent and terrible, who opened passes in the mountains, who dug wells on the slopes of the uplands, and crossed the ocean, the wide sea to the sunrise, indicates that Gilgamesh wasn’t a good king. Another citation that indicated that he was a bad king was on tablet 1 page 4 and lines 75 to 79 it said, “”[Though powerful, pre-eminent] expert [and mighty, ] [Gilgamesh] lets [no] girl go free to [her bridegroom.]’ The warrior’s daughter, the young man’s bride, to their complaint the goddess paid heed.”” This is telling us that Gilgamesh didn’t let any women go free without sleeping with them, which made his people in Uruk exhausted to the extent where they had to go tell the gods about his wrong doings, since no one could stop him from the toxic doings he had been bringing upon his people.

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