Reimagining Customer Experience

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Customers should be treated differently according to their needs, and the storekeepers should ensure that they understand their customer and satisfactorily offer them services. For the stores to be able to serve their customers efficiently, they should observe diversity in their workforce. The company should observe the employment of individual from diverse social groups such as different ethnic groups and nations, disabled groups, different age, and gender.

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Customers’ needs and expectations should be treated differently with respect and attention which would impact in the creation of good rapport with them increase their satisfaction and diverse retail customers. From my visit to American Eagle Outfits retail store, I saw people of different color come for their shopping. The store provided both men and women wears. Upon entering the store, a black woman wearing the coat labeled with the name of the store came to where I was and welcomed me. I walked around the store and noticed that every corner of the store, a person was standing ready to offer help to their clients. These employees kept on checking out their customers who needed help in their purchase choice. They were very social and interacted with their customers. The experience with the storekeepers was a nice one. When I started walking out of the store, one of the service people came to me and wanted to know whether I was served, and I was able to explain to him. The experience made me feel a part of the store and left me willing to visit the place again and again in future. There were both black and white customers and thus felt comfortable and satisfied with the services offered there because they provided the products needed by both genders offering a variety of choices. The store gave an offer to their customers by lowering the prices of particular types of clothes.

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