Regulation of pornography

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“The legal regulation of pornography in the 21 st century in the United Kingdom”


Pornography accompanied humanity for a long time though the expressions of pornography vary with time and technological progress.

Previously, the pornography industry was concentrating mainly in painting, with the invention of printing the pornography was widespread, later on with the invention of photography it led to the dissemination of pornographic pictures, furthermore the invention of cinema led the pornographic films in a similar vein – and now video web, soon joined the pornography industry.

Proper social and legal attitude toward pornography is a controversial subject for many years, some think about pornography in terms of obscenity breakthroughs based on religion or morality and refuse to discuss the problem or give it attention, others think of pornography in terms of liberal sexual liberation and freedom of expression and catch it embodies basic rights that protect them from oppression and mute.

In the 70th new sound was heard – the female voice is also joining the feminist opposition camp, as demand for gender equality and concern for the status of women. The problem of pornography remained a debate that hadn’t been decided and resolved; the subject of pornography raises difficult issues relevant theoretical and philosophical issues of ethics, morality and arouses many legal disputes.

In the following paper I will review the phenomenon of pornography in the United Kingdom in the context of the definitions, legal aspects and the developments. Furthermore I will analyze the problems that come with the pornography, the harm and the influence that it has on the children and youth.

The main argument of this paper is the use of the freedom of expression to protect pornography.

Other not less important argument in this paper deals with the question “whether the society does enough to protect young children and the next generation from the harms of pornography?”

And eventually I will conclude the topic by including some suggestions for the future.


  1. Defining Pornography

One of the main problem with the pornography is the fact that it is not defined in a clear definitions that can refer to each person individually. According to the online vocabulary the pornography is defined as “The explicit depiction or exhibition of sexual activity in literature, films or photography that is intended to stimulate erotic, rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings”.

Any material such as pictures, videos, CD’s, books or even words that are sexually explicit qualifies as Pornography. The definition explains the meaning of the pornography by saying that pornography involves more physical feelings rather then the emotion feelings, but the definition is not explaining the meaning of the term “Sexually explicit”. That’s when the definition problem plays the key role, how can we define what sexually explicit is when each person sees and understand things differently based on their culture,

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