Reflective Journal on Work Experience Module

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ASSESSMENT TITLE : ANALYSIS OF VOCATIONAL AREA OF CHOICE – INFLUENCES & TRENDS – PO1 WORK EXPERIENCE MODULE As a part of my FETAC Level 5 Major Award (QQI) in Work Experience, I was required to do an assignment divided in 6 parts covering the Business and Office Administration sector by analysing the vocational area for the various influences and trends. PREFACE The purpose of this study is to get an overall view of the Office and Business Administration sector in Ireland. I have tried to get as much information possible in this sector, which continues to change and improve. Through this study I have tried to examine the sector and highlight the importance in broader terms. I have briefly touched the public and private sectors in Ireland and studied the career opportunities available in business and office administration. I have also tried to study the job responsibilities and the skills and qualifications one needs to have to earn a respectable salary. Business and Office skills are required by every organisation. Schools, colleges, hospitals, government offices, private businesses, medical and legal firms are few to name. These skills help run the organisation efficiently and smoothly on day-to-day basis. When choosing a career in any field, it is important to consider the specifics. What types of jobs are available, what are the qualifications needed for that particular position, what is the salary being offered, what responsibilities does the position expect to carry out. QUESTION 1 Outline the range of career opportunities within your chosen workplace sector indicating the qualifications required at each level. INTRODUCTION As a part of my assignment I was required to research and study the different career opportunities and monetary growth available to a person with the right qualifications and skills in the Business and Office Administration sector. Public sector are organizations owned and operated by the government fall under this sector. For example county offices, health care centres, Garda and prison services, local and central government departments, fire service, defence, postal services, educational institutes, bus / dart / luas and many more. For a person to make a career in the public sector’s administrative department Clerical Officer (CO) is the first step of the ladder. The next level is the Executive Officer (EO). Higher Executive Officer (HEO). Administrative Officers (AO) are the next in line. Assistant Principal (AP) Principal Secretary General Third Secretary or Junior Diplomat. Private sector are those organizations that are privately owned and not owned or run by the government belong to the private sector. These usually include profit and non-profit corporations, partnerships, traders and charities. For example, retail stores, credit unions, and local businesses in the following sectors – agricultural, construction manufacturing, professional services – finance, medicine and law, transport, travel and hospitality, communications, other utilities such as gas, phone and mobile services, electricity. There are a number of positions one can apply to in the private sector.

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