Reflective Journal on Communication

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Reflective Journal Communication is a two way process which acts as a channel to connect people and impart of opinions, thoughts, ideas, information or messages from one party to another party. It also plays a role in exchanging information whereby the receiver decodes the message and encodes the sender a feedback. This is the formal way to explain communication. Means of communication as different ways but we can define four ways of communication; forms, medium, the media and other kinds (Judith Dywer 2013). Communication provides make friends and connects people to each other. People make communication in order to make things happen in our lives and it is something that humans do every day. An effective leader, manager, legal practitioner, medical professional, social worker, accountant, human resource manager or person working in any other occupation is able to communicate and work with others in a purposeful, supportive and flexible manner (Judith Dywer 2013). By having effective communication will help to achieves the intended outcome. As well as achieving the intended outcome, competent communicators also make connections and build ongoing relationships with others, whereas ineffective communicators raise barriers. Communication competence reflects our ability to interact and influence others in a variety of context. The ability to communicate also reflected in the quality and range or their communication skills (Judith Dywer 2013). In the year of 2010 after my O-Level examination, I was asked to help and join a charity group by one of my friends who work as a Gerontological nursing for one month in the old folks. Under her guidance, I act as her assistance. The majority patients are elderly adults. By doing this it required the knowledge about complex factors that affect the health of older adults as older adults are more likely than younger adults to have one or more chronic health conditions. With this, it is essential for me to develop a good relationship with them. Older people as individuals who have a wide range of health care needs, as I try a few comments to promote rapport:“Are you from this area?”. Rapport talk usually is used to establish relationships and connections with others quickly. With established patients, friendly questions about their families or activities can relieve stress. In order to build an interaction, I must show up, sincerity, empathy and trustworthiness. Dilenschneider (1996) describes empathy as the foundation for the quality of a relationship. In satisfying relationship both parties have empathy for the other’s point of view and are willing to provide sufficient and appropriate feedback to create mutual understanding. Implementation of interpersonal skills in communication could stimulate the effective communication and promote good relationships. Interpersonal skills are defined by the ability that acquired by an individual to interact effectively with other people (Johnson 2008). As mentioned above, communication is the exchange (encode-decode) of opinions, information, thoughts and ideas through verbal and non-verbal, and both of them present simultaneously (Chitty and Black 2007, p.218). For information, verbal communication consists of all speeches whereas non-verbal communication consists of postures,

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