Reflective Account and Mind Map

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Reflective Account and Mind map


In order to analyse the business environment on global level, it is imperative to understand the dynamics which are either supporting or hindering the organisations which are functioning. As the global context is getting competitive, the enterprises have to focus on three key dimensions i.e. sustainability, happiness and technology (Goodwin, 2013). Each of these elements have been studied in-depth during the year so that there is sufficient evidence about their contribution in the corporate world. During the entire period, the main area of focus was on the protection of environment (Biggemann, Williams & Kro, 2014). Due to rapid changes takes place globally such as developments in IT world, technology becoming an integral part of routine life, shift towards efficient production procedures so that economies of scale is achieved, changes in climatic conditions and others, it has become imperative for the firms to analyse their impact on their operations (Albinsson & Arnesson, 2012; Varey, 2013). Hence, three major activities were performed in the form of groups so that a first-hand experience can be gained. Anyone who wants to assess the implication of theories has to undertake a practical endeavour as it is close to reality and it allows an individual to acquire worthwhile examples from such exercise (Harrison, 2010; Mullins, 2013). The first task was to develop three things for an environmental pressure group FirstHand i.e. press briefing, infograph and poster campaign. With the help of this project, everyone within the team got an insight about the efforts which have to be undertaken on collective basis so that the desired targets are effectively attained. Later, as part of the Happiness theme, the group had to carry out a study to analyse the implication of this aspect in today’s contemporary business world. This activity allowed the team members to apprehend the factors which influence this feeling and it is important to perform appropriate activities for creating a contented and supportive learning environment (Lau et al., 2014). Finally, the effect of technology was studied with special reference to the society. It is referred to as the gift of fire as it has both positive and negative implications in the community. For the evaluation of this theme, an assignment in the form of biometric podcast development and implementation was given. Hence, all three assessments shed light on various aspects of the theme which were studied in the lectures and workshops. These activities provided an opportunity to learn the art of working in teams and be ascertained that theories learnt during the studies are practically applied for assessing their applicability. Both experiences and reflections are the crucial factors of these practises as these features allowed us to unleash various facets of teamwork (Schoemaker, Krupp & Howland, 2012). In the teams, excellent communication, effective leadership, conflict resolution, time management and cohesion are important parameters (Karalis, 2010). Thus, these attempts benefited me a lot as I identified my strengths along with areas for improvement so that I can capitalise on my potencies and flourish as a competent person.

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