Red Bull Energy Drink

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Redbull Energy Drink – Presentation Transcript 1. It Gives You Wiings 2. Contents * Executive Summary * SWOT Analysis * Promotion Opportunity Analysis * Corporate Strategies * Integrated Marketing Communications Management * Media Plan * Evaluation & Control 3. Executive Summary * Red Bull can be called as a pioneer in the energy drink category worldwide. In India too, Red Bull was the brand that created the energy drink category. * The brand came into existence in 1984. * The brand came to India in 2003. Although the brand has been keeping a low profile compared to the Cola majors , Red Bull has created a category of energy drinks in the Indian market. 4. Contd. * According to Economic Times ( 30. 05. 08) the energy drink market in India is estimated to be around 100 crores. * The market now has two main players Red Bull and Power Horse. * RB has an assessed market share of 29% of the global market of energy Drinks. * In the U. S. , Red Bull enjoys a 47% share of the energy drink market, and now has a 50% share of the German energy drink market. . SWOT Analysis * Market leadership- Within the energy drinks market Red Bull is the industry leader throughout the world. Marketing Efforts- a lot of promotions and well targeted campaigns and sponsorship e. g. formula 1 helps to expand Red bull brand and increase consumer brand awareness. * Strong , fresh & fashionable brand identity. * Strengths 6. Weaknesses * Above-average prices. * Lack of innovation- there are a lot of competitors in the market and they have their own USP which leaves Red Bull behind. Reliant on small product base- The company only markets one branded product, Red Bull Energy Drink (along with a sugar free variety). * Inexperience: is only 6 years old in India. * Lack of patent on RB ‘s recipe means anyone can copy it. 7. Opportunities * Extension of product line- this will help to retain market share. * Hardcore Advertising and Promotions. * Consumer recognition through sponsorship of sports events. * New ventures like partnership with Facebook. 8. Threats * Health concerns- tougher rules from government on high caffeine content. Consumer awareness of health and well being- people may start to drink other alternatives as it is associated with healthier life style. * Drinks might not be accepted in the new markets. * Organic energy drinks might steal RB’s market share. 9. Promotion Opportunity Analysis * Competitive Analysis * Opportunity Analysis * Target Market Analysis * Customer Analysis * Market Segmentation Strategy 10. Competitive Analysis 11. Share of Energy Drink Market Red Bull 42. 6 Monster 14. 4 Rockstar 11. 4 Full Throttle 6. 9 Sobe No Fear 5. 4 Amp 3. Sobe Adrenaline Rush 2. 9 Tab Energy 2. 3 Monster XXL 0. 9 Private Label 0. 9 Rip It 0. 8 Sobe Lean 0. 7 BooKoo 0. 5 Sobe Superman 0. 4 Von Dutch 0.

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