Recycling Should Be Mandatory for Everyone

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With the growing focus on environmental issues, experts have advocated for recycling. The move has been informed by the positive outcomes of using recycling as means of addressing environmental degradation. However, despite the growing supports for recycling, some people have opposed it citing several shortcomings. Their argument is based on an increase in the wastage of resources. Based on the opposing point view, it high time to evaluate the positive and negative effects of recycling. The outcome of the analysis will form the basis for making recycling a mandatory practice for everyone.

Recycling aid in the conservation of the world’s natural resources. The emphasis on the need to recycle material has reduced the volume of natural resources extracted from the environment (Bartl). For example, by recycling paper, the industry demand for timber has declined. As a result, the level of deforestation will be maintained at a sustainable level. If the world makes it a mandatory practice, then more forest cover will be protected since paper can be recycled seven times. Therefore, it will take time before the demand is created.

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Implementing a mandatory policy of recycling aids in reducing the volume of pollution to the environment. Factories such as paper mills cause a lot of pollution to the environment. if demand for their products increases, then the level of pollution also goes up. Currently, the paper mills have been ranks as the third leading industry in environmental pollution (Vijay, 31). The mills cause water, air, and land pollution. Therefore, by sensitizing the society on the need to recycle paper, it reduces the volume of mill factor production.

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