Recycling Research Paper

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Recycling Research Paper

The EPA said that 75% of the American peoples waste are recyclables, but we only recycle about 30% of it. Some might say that the recycling economy is dying and that it will cost United States citizens more money; however, the recycling industry will keep streets and oceans clean which keeps plastic out of both.

Mandatory recycling programs would be too expensive and cause financial hardship for some municipalities. The recycling industry is slowly going to not exist there for you will need to change your ways of recycling, and pay more for it, as a result (Tita). The material that the people are recycling like paper, plastic, glass, and metal are not turning up high profit anymore they more of a liability, not an asset. According to the Wall Street Journal, Bob Tita wrote, 122 million pounds of recycled glass was used for roads and trash to cover last year because there was no one willing to buy the glass. Recycling markets are changing due to the volatility of changing trends, particularly trends overseas. China has recently changed there recyclers and they are looking for new buyers. The market for different types of paper has gone down drastically in the past year, this means it costs the company to recycle that material (Tita).To run a recycling center you would have to sell what you are recycling if you don’t then you run the risk of losing the factory. There are no buyers for mixed glass Wegmans food market ditched glass jars for the pasta sauce and went to plastic. They did this because when shipping glass has a chance to break were as plastic is guaranteed to not break. However, there have been study’s made that say in about 20 years the recycling industry will begin to increase and the demand for the recycling industry will become more needed.

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Furthermore, The United States recycling management industry is dwindling away that means that they charge residents to recycle their plastics and for disposal of it. Prices for scrap paper and plastic have collapsed, this is charging residents more to collect recyclables. According to Rochester Democrat and Chronicles Steve Orr, The plastics, papers, and cardboard are piling up at recycling plants because they have no one paying for them and they’re not being exported or processed in a domestic market. Changes in the economy have cut off exports from the U.S, the world’s largest generator of paper scrap and plastics. The people of waste-management authority in Lancaster county doubled the charge that residential trash collectors have to pay to recycle their recyclables (Orr). This will drive the cost up for upgrades for the processing facilities, collecting waste materials, finding different utility vehicles, educating residents by having seminars or different types of programs. Sacramento County collects recyclables.

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