How does Recycling Really Affect the Environment

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The Personal Project is a new and exciting outlet for me as I have never made a project or a work of mine that has to be this extensive. It is very major to choose a topic that I am interested in. The topic has to enrich my knowledge and show off my capabilities.
Since the project has to involve my interests and skills, I have decided to do a project that helps me grow in two fields I enjoy: filmmaking and the preservation of the environment.

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Although I do not think these would be suitable career paths for me, I still think that I will gain a lot from researching and taking action on this project. Furthermore, I have always wanted to delve deeper in the art of filmmaking so hopefully I will gain a better understanding of the process of making a film even though the product is going to be a few minute short not a full-length film.
Since I had never heard of the Personal Project before October 2018 I had to really think over the planning aspect of this project. I had about 4-5 months to finish this and even less time till I had to turn in my first version. So I learnt a thing or two about time management when I was done with the Personal Project – as described in my reflection.


My goal is to educate my peers on the real impact of recycling. The goal is quite challenging as people my age are somewhat stubborn but I know that they are willing to learn. I had to carry out research about recycling and find out more about shooting videos.
My goal was achieved by answering my guiding question “How does recycling really affect the environment?” in a video format. The video is evidence of my research and growth over the project, it portrays the information found. If successful the video will not only educate people but also be a representation of my work and time put in the project.

Global Context

In my opinion, the global context that best fits my Personal Project is Globalization and Sustainability. It is the study of “how we organize ourselves” and societal decision-making. I chose it because recycling is a human-made system and also largely an economic activity with an impact on the environment.
The societal decision-making subheading of this global context is the one that helped me understand how societies as a whole change their beliefs, so I can apply that to my product – convince my peers to recycle. I looked into societal decision-making examples such as climate change and from this I found out what works and does not work to convince people.

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