Recycling Plastic and Its Harmful or Helpful Effects

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Recycling is a common talking point in modern times as environmental factors become more and more pertinent in the political and social conversations. Many times, we do not consider the consequences, negative or positive, that come from our actions, even if we think we do. This is the same with recycling. Since recycling is never questioned, it only gains a positive reputation. Though recycling can certainly gain some negative looks, it is important to recognize that each is possible.

With the rapid growth of pollution and environmental degrade, it is possible that the accessibility to recycling has cause the effectiveness of recycling to decrease. About 40 percent of all plastic produced is used in packaging, and much of that is used only once and then discarded. Brian Clark Howard states that less than a fifth of all plastic is recycled, though many countries and businesses are trying innovative solutions to increase that number (Howard, 2018). Often, if a household has a recycling bin to throw their milk jug away in, they will not be affected as greatly when buying multiple different milk jugs per month.

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This history of recycling is important as well, since many people believe that recycling is a new phenomenon in the green movement of modern times. Recycling actually began much sooner but wasn’t recognized under the term recycling as that is a more modern English term. In anthropological studies, it is easy to see that everything was reused in a society and everything also had a purpose. In Western Expansion days, every bit of a buffalo’s body had a purpose for the individual or the community. Since reuse is often paired with recycle the two go hand in hand and that pairing allows recycling to be a much older,

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