Recidivism Rates of Women after Completing a Substance Abuse

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Recidivism Rates of Women after Completing a Substance Abuse Program during Incarceration


Women with substratum reproach issuance are more credible to be complex with crimes arise in penitentiary imprisonment. As female attain the penitentiary system, it is commanding for our society for them to reinstate from this reproach in direction to reenter their participation as an operating member and in some cases as an involved mother. This proposal will allude to study to highlight the most critical substance abuse programs that the Christian Melton Crain Unit in Texas has to offer and why these programs should be required for each woman who is or will enter the prison by comply with attending..

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The female population in Texas is on the rise and will rise much more than men. The number of women involved in the US criminal justice system doubled during the 1990s (Beck, 2000). Women now represent about 7% of the overall state and federal prison population and 24% of people on community supervision (Glaze and Bonczar, 2009). Using the information collected from the Texas area, the actual current study faces the really central question of whether women inmates who are released from prison with substance abuse program recidivated defiantly less than those who really do not join a program.


There are many concerns when considering problems with substance abuse among women who have contact with the criminal justice system. The concerning issues are the defendant relapsing, relapsing that would results into the rearrests or the death. The intention of this study is to examine the effects of substance misuse broadcast provided while a female offender is incarcerated. This study will evaluate the women incarcerated in the Christina Melton Crain Unit who have entered into the programs that are available by the Department of Criminal Justice and compare to those who offenders that did not enter the programs. The subjects for this work will be first time offenders, they will be looking at time within six months or more and they are all females. The other qualities that will be included in this study will be race, age of offender, the level of education and how long the offender was given to serve during incarceration. This study will measure the effectiveness of the programs and give input on the curriculum to help avoid any recidivism. Lastly this study will display that the cost of the programs available to better each offenders who is reentering the society.

Literature Review

Some have argued that increased attention to substance users during the late 1980s and 1990s during the war on drugs had particular adverse consequences for women (e.g., Chesney-Lind and Pasko, 2004; Covington and Bloom,

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