Randomized Controlled Trial

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Critical Appraisal about RCT

There are few studies which have been developed in regard to the balance training aimed at the improvement of the elderly persons’ mobility and wellbeing who are affected by balance problems. The article presents a study which demonstrates a program on training on balance improvement spanning for a period of six weeks. The program proved to be quite beneficial in the progress of functional balance and static mobility and lowering the older persons’ fall frequencies (basically those having problems with balance).

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In the study, the progress based on the objective of functional balance was established by the improvement in the score of BBS as recorded in the ultimate appraisal for the cluster handed over to the team of interventionists. The same outcomes were recorded in the research done by Melzer et al. whereby the balance training program patient participants recorded a progress of 64 percent within a period of three months. The authors of this article demonstrated that the cluster which undertook the balance training program showed an improved performance. Such programs which put emphasis on balance training are more effective in the improvement of balance than those which consisted of primary aerobics, strengthening of muscles and exercises aimed at improving flexibility. Even though evaluating the effectiveness of different exercise forms is a complex venture, results show that balance training has proved to be of much benefit with near zero probability of risks. In studies of the same kind by Carter et al. an improvement was recorded on static balance when using muscle strength instead of balance training, however, the improvement was only on 6.3 percent of the patients. Therefore, the methodology used in the article proposes that balance training eventually points to an apparent progressive outcome than it does in muscle strength training.

Relative to the functional mobility, there was an improvement which was demonstrated by a decline in the patients handed over to the intervention team. The relevance of these results are undoubted since from the research, compromised mobility led to an increase in the risk-dependency at an approximate of three to fivefold in the daily activities. This is not a surprise basing on the fact that unaided mobility is an essential daily life component processes of every individual. Mobility dependency may result in confinement and reduced quality of human wellbeing and existence. Having good balance and gait is considered essential for the mobility improvement and aids in preventing falls.

Alongside improvement in a functional evaluation, this methodology recorded an improvement based on the observed reduced fall frequency. Even though the impact of exercise in reducing the frequency of fall is not proved in this study, there are a number of studies which show that the risk can be reduced 40 percent through physical activity (Barnett et al.,

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