Ragging: Student and Experience Dear Friends

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Does rag develop friendship? Answers: It does, upto a limit. But rag should not get serious, like you should not cause bodily twinge to the person getting ragged. I ahve felt this. Most of the most friendly seniors I own at college are the ones who ragged me. Source(s): Experience Dear Friends. Ragging in school,colleges or any where else should be stopped Completely, Because of the Following reasons: 1. It De motivates our Juniors. 2. We can not build relationship with others, a bit it breaks the Relationship and friendship. 3. There would not unity.

Please remember one thing, Unity is Great Strength. And so on…. “So, Lets STOP RAGGING…. It can also be the building block of a relationship lol! Me and my friends rag on each other constantly, it’s a good method to pass the time! I will have to say yes! As long as you maintain it civil, as civil as it can be anyway with ragging lol. may be or may be not… depends upon how u do ragging 3) After 3 years of college life and entering in the 4th year as the super senior in the college, it is indeed a moment of pride and happiness for me. But it is accompanied with a sense of responsibility.

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Now, we are the senior most of all and this means that we have no one to look out for us but ourselves and also we have to look out for all the juniors as well. But then, when everything is as crystal clear as that, where lies the damn problem?

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