Racism Is Still Alive

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According to the Declaration of Independence “all men are created equal,” but are all men truly created equal when the freedom of the United States is limited to men and women who are not free from the abuse of racism? The American nation has had its fair share of trial and error but has surpassed many obstacles to overcome, but this nation is still faced with a horrific overshadow of brutality and discrimination against race in this nation of the free and home of the brave (US 1776)

The nation was young and optimistic at the time that Frederick Douglass was using his first amendment to stand up for how he as a former slave and those still in slavery were in a constant gloom of feeling unwanted in the nation that was deemed as free. He spoke out for his race, the minority, in hopes that something would be done about the way they were being treated. Douglass goes through trials of his life and the things he had seen, those who wanted the taste of “virtuous freedom” were the ones that were uneasy about what it would be like to be free.

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The slaveholders would not want them to run off and experience the chance at freedom, so they conditioned those who wanted a taste of freedom by giving them a bottle of the white man’s drink and convincing them to get drunk, thus leading for the slaves to think a certain way about what it would be like to be free. This is still shown through today as police brutality; the use of force, verbal assault, and psychological intimidation. As shown in a growing body of scholarly research, it is revealed the it is more likely for an African American man to report brutality than it is for any other race, there are lower standards for the African American race based off prejudice, many deem the African American man as aggressive and criminal making them seem as if they are a danger to the society,

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