Racism in Today’s Society

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Racism is such a big topic in our world it has always been a big problem, but as time progressed it has become worse with different cases of Hispanic families being separated at the border and children being thrown in “cages” and treated like animals. Young African American kids are getting shot for being wrongfully perceived as having a weapon. Police officers are just shooting first and asking questions later.

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Society is being filled with so many negative situations that a lot of people put off and do not deal with or address because we are all divided. It is such a sensitive topic because it is happening to certain races and it seems like they are being targeted. Racial profiling and racism is a common issue in minority families.

There are so many stories over the years of people getting wrongfully shot for supposedly having a gun when in reality they did not have nothing, and most they obeyed the police but still lost their lives. False gun identification should not be taken lightly because the police are killing African American teens are getting away with a light sentence or even having no jail time. In The Atlantic an article written by Olga Khazan she states that, “ In a year, over 57,375 people lost their life to police violence” (Khazan 1). In just a year so many people have died due to police shootings, that is including all the races. Police are starting to have a bad reputation because of the way they do their job. Such as shooting first and asking questions later which causes pain and heart break from the families that have lost a loved one from false accusations. Khazan states that African American males are more likely to get shot by police officers. She states, “According to several different studies, black men aged 15–34 are between nine and 16 times more likely to be killed by police than other people. In 2017, police killed 19 unarmed black males, down from 36 in 2015, according to The Washington Post” ( Khazan 2). This estimate is from 2017, imagine when 2018 is over and they would have done all the statistics for it. Most of the police that are shooting first and thinking later are getting little to no time in jail due to either the judge or the jury just not finding them guilty of their crime. We should be taking different precautions when it comes to arresting and shooting someone because they think they have a weapon. There are so many stories of wrongful deaths with police officers. When will people realize things should change? We should be figuring out solutions for this ongoing problem such as, going straight to your taser instead of going straight to your gun.

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